The Therapeutic Art of Theatre Burlesque in Body Appreciation

Playful Professional Production

Burlesque by definition is a lampoon or satire, and in a Sweet Tooth Events production, it spoofs the subject of strip-tease. A production complete with performer-driven co-op set, costume design, make-up art, rehearsals, choreography and sound crew. It even has its own media photographers, who have exclusive rights to take photos during the shows.

The art of burlesque brings entertainment that moves the audience in the most extraordinary ways with boldly flirtatious antics and saucy sensuality built around the performer’s chosen song. And, you should see what they can do with a song – any song.


In my attempt to describe it, it’s like watching your besties act cheeky on stage in the most uniquely artistic and creative ways while you cheer them on from the sidelines. It’s an event I can attend solo, because no matter where I sit, I’m surrounded by friends.

The gals and guys on stage will come and chat me up and I get to share friendly banter with the folks at the next table, who sometimes end up on the stage in an audience participation piece. That is, with enough coaxing and cajoling from the rest of us.

Synergistic Audience Participation

Audience involvement bolsters the performer and the crowd; it’s a highly interactive show where audience interaction is part of the act, be it woots, wahoos, wolf whistles, wild jungle calls or the sound of hands slapping and clapping with laughter.

The novelty behind Sweet Tooth Events is that audience participation doesn’t stop there, because they have more imaginative ways to engage both the shy and the brave. They have mildly suggestive contests like Bosom Buddies Balloon Popping and Kinky Kitty with things like edible underwear as prizes for the winners.

Need More Theatre Burlesque Therapy

Tell the world they can forget about years of therapy and give them more of this kind of comic relief – they won’t need any therapy at all. These shows are so incredibly hilarious, I learned new ways to laugh! I laughed all the way down to my toes so many times I woke up feeling like I’d undergone a great spiritual cleansing.

I can’t explain how to impress this type of show on someone who has never been, but if you’ve got a bucket list, put this near the top. There were many incredible performances of dazzle and hilarity in this non-smoke filled bar room, and if you’ve never seen a grown man pretend to be a kitty cat washing its face, then you just gotta see that, too.

All Inclusive Body Beautiful

The beautiful thing about burlesque is it celebrates the perfection of the human body for everyone. It offers emancipation rather than emaciation and polish rather than porn as its standards of beauty, regardless of gender, age, size or body type.

This one particular evening they had a targeted segment called ‘Stop Body Shaming’. It was a promotional photo where nine individuals posed in underwear or bikini and each had a letter of the word B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L painted on their tummies. Then the audience appreciated each one in turn for their beautiful body in spite of its ‘perceived flaws’.

Undoubtedly, this bevy of Beautiful Nine deserved a standing ovation – and they got it!

“Happiness is Good Communication… With Yourself”

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